Tina Templeman

Yoga and Anatomy Teacher, Consultant, Licensed Massage Therapist

Everything Tina does, begins and ends with what matters most to her students and clients. Along with her comprehensive yoga, anatomy and massage training, Tina has the innate ability to quickly determine the needs of an individual or room and modify her approach in real time, to better encourage and leverage every moment as an opportunity to grow.

  • Seventeen years teaching experience
  • Certified Baptiste Power Yoga Instructor with Shiva Rea and Ana Forrest
  • Licensed massage therapist (LMP)
  • Certified 15 hour Anatomy Teacher for Teacher Training Programs nationwide
  • Consults physicians on weaving yoga/massage training into recovery plans

Tina’s knowledge of anatomy and physiology, her extensive yoga training, and her own lived experience of yoga’s power to heal and transform, help make her the powerful and evolving teacher that she is. Her intelligence – both learned and intuited – shows up in every class she teaches. Tina encourages her students to pay close and constant attention to the philosophies, practices, and poses that most resonate with them because she believes such inquiry will help them discover the best teacher of all – themselves.