This experience exceeded every expectation. I am a working wife and mother of two who seriously needed to hit the reset button. I was beyond nervous to go out of the country let alone on this journey sans family. Upon my arrival, it only took about one minute in Bali to realize this is exactly where I needed to be. Drishti Journeys made it SO easy to just show up and enjoy. Every meal, yoga session, excursion etc. was so well planned and easy that I can honestly say, I would have never experienced Bali if I would have attempted it solo. I owe a lifetime of gratitude to Reinier, (founder of Drishti) and Emily(yoga instructor) for sharing this slice of heaven with me. It was one of the best decisions I could have made for myself as a person, as a wife and as a mother. I found peace and happiness and a way of life that I only imagined to be real in a fairytale. I can promise you 100% you will not regret making this trip! I am already planning my next!

- Tia Tveisme, May, 2018 Bali Retreat Guest


I had an amazing time on my trip to Bali with Drishti Journeys! Reinier takes the time to think through all the details that you might need to know for your retreat. The Udaya Resort that we stayed at was gorgeous! I just wanted to spend all my time there! The activities were great - we even went mountain biking (or jungle biking?) and although it's not something I would ever have signed up for on my own, I had a great time! Every meal we ate together was delicious. It was a busy week and I did skip one activity to go out to the beach, but if you add a little bit of time onto your trip you could easily get in the beach time. Ultimately, this is my 2nd retreat with Reinier and I would absolutely go on another with Drishti Journeys.

- Katie Sandin, May, 2018 Bali Retreat Guest


"To give and receive...this is the gift you are looking for! The Bali retreat was beyond anything I have ever experienced for travel. The attention to detail was epic! Our gorgeous hotel, The Udaya was absolutely stunning and filled with so much beauty. From the incredible rooms with canopy beds, a marble bathtub and private balcony, the spa offering everything from massage to reflexology, the incredible food at their amazing restaurant, the infinity pool and most importantly...the staff. Their daily love and unconditional smiles were healing and so heartfelt. This retreat took me to places in my body, mind and spirit that I have never been too. We had yoga and meditation in an unbelievable setting. Our yoga instructor (Emily) was so lovely. She guided us with no ego to the present moment. We found ourself and lost ourself on those mats. We made so many excursions, including an 18 mile bike ride through rice fields and villages, a water purification ceremony with a personal blessing from a holy man, a journey to a sacred waterfall, incredible food and drinks on the town at so many places(thought out so lovingly by Reinier the retreat facilitator), shopping in UBUD, a Balinese cooking class with the kindest friends(the owners of a lovely cafe “Warung D’Carik”), a visit to a famous wood carving guru, a Monkey Forest and so much more. It was a dream come to life. It has forever changed me. This is the opportunity of a lifetime, to be shown another culture and fill yourself with self care and beauty. The island is beyond beautiful and the temples that surround you fill your soul. Give yourself the gift of the Bali Retreat with Drishti Journeys. You will find yourself, love yourself, express yourself and give yourself to others. You will come home a changed human, ready to share with the world and your friends and family. You will become the spark that lights the fire in others. As we were reminded often...”Bali is working”. Thank your Reinier, Emily and Christina for your dedication, love, kindness and strength on our journey to becoming whole. I am forever grateful. Namaste’"

- Cheryl Zimmermann, May, 2018 Bali Retreat Guest


"What an incredible experience! Drishti Journeys did an incredible job at the execution and planning of the Bali Retreat. From being pickup up at the airport to enjoying excursions across the island to being wined and dined at fabulous restaurants in Bali, this was one of the most incredible trips of my lifetime. Reinier, the host did an unbelievable job executing this trip and thinking of every little detail to ensure everyone was happy and comfortable. For me, this is important because of my dietary restrictions. I never had a problem... once. The itinerary was thoughtfully planned out to incorporate the perfect amount of the Balinese culture, outdoor activities, cuisine, downtime, and yoga/meditation. Emily, lead us through yoga and meditation. She is an incredible instructor and these were the best yoga classes that I have taken. She made everyone feel comfortable, beautiful in our own skin and encouraged us to be present in every moment throughout the journey.
If anyone is considering a Yoga Retreat, look no further... Drishti Journeys is an obvious choice. My positive experience was in big part due to the leaders of this program. I will be attending more retreats! Thank you for giving me this experience. I knew on the trip that "Bali is/was working..." and it continues to work in my favor through every new day. Namaste!"

- Rachael Tadman, May, 2018 Bali Retreat Guest

"I call Reinier the International Man of Mystery.  He has had so many worldly experiences, you will easily see this in him from the moment you meet him.  Because Reinier is such a well traveled man, he offers and shares his experience with others in such a dynamic way. He has an undeniable talent for food and wine.  Some of the best meals of my life have been prepared by him. He will always bring a party through his music, DJing epic sets.  His sweet spirit and funny nature cater to all personalities.  Reinier is not only a yoga student but a good friend of mine that has expanded over the years.  We now leading yoga retreats together that are an unforgettable experience."

- Leah Zaccaria, owner of HauteYogaQA and SheFaYoga Roosevelt

"Travel company that catered to all my wellness and yoga needs in the most professional manner during Patagonia yoga retreat. All I had to do is show up and everything was taken care off. The customer service exceeded my expectations including two private guides and a private driver, as well as suggestions for flights which saved me much $$$$ and travel insurance through RipCord which gave me piece of mind in case something unexpected would occur. I also did not expect all this delicious food but Eco Camp Patagonia prepared the most delicious multi-course meals while yoga teacher Tina Templeman deepened yoga classes challenged me and allowed for creativity while deepening my yoga practice."

- Arikk Panjoel, Patagonia Retreat 2017


"I went to Iceland with Drishti Journeys in the fall and it was amazing. When I look back at the photos I’m still in awe of how beautiful it is and how much we got to see in a short time there. Having Reinier to show us around and what I like to call “Get us right to the good stuff” was great, I was able to just relax, sit back and Enjoy Iceland."

- Chuck Betker, Iceland Retreat 2017

"I've had the pleasure of participating on both side of Drishti Journeys. Both as a co-host and a guest.

As a guest you're welcomed with open arms and encouraged to make the time your own. Drishti Journeys offers an impressive menu accommodating dietary restrictions upon request. The wellness leaders have been amazing on both of the retreats I've joined.

As a co-host Reinier reduces all of the logistical stress! As a business owner I have limited time to plan the logistical details, and would rather spend my time planning the yoga and offerings. When we put our resources together a fantastic partnership is made. I'm able to go into a retreat knowing that not a single detail was overlooked."

- Kami Betker, yoga teacher, Iceland Retreat 2017


"Reinier and I co-hosted our retreat in Tofino, BC ~ A true jewel on the West side of Vancouver Island. I taught yoga and Reinier and his beloved Panda took care of all of the preparations behind the scenes including preparing delicious meals made straight from the heart and even spinning beats while I taught at our last class! We collaborated on how we could provide all of our guests with the most beautiful experience; every detail thoughtfully planned out from the heart from beginning to end. This was my first retreat and I so look forward to collaborating and creating more magic with Reinier and Panda!"

- Andrea Mikkelson, yoga teacher for Tofino, BC Retreat 2017


"I was so fortunate to be a part of such a magical gathering on Vashon Island for the Heart Fire Yoga Retreat. Reinier has a true talent for being able to bring strangers together for the weekend and setting the stage for the most comfortable and heavenly experience. I started the weekend only knowing my friend I brought along, and left with amazing new friendships and memories. The weekend was filled with perfection from the gourmet meals to each heart filled yoga session, we each were pampered yogis all weekend. I know Reiner has a passion for bringing people together, as my experience on Vashon was filled every minute of the day with love."

- Melissa Miller, Vashon Island Retreat 2016

"Reinier Voorwinde, the owner and operator of Drishti Journeys, has been the perfect partner to collaborate with. We envisioned, created, and lead a very successful retreat to Iceland in the summer of 2015. He is professional and motivated and shines his epicurean lifestyle on all aspects of his retreats. He exudes a lighthearted quality to each interaction he has and makes all the participants knows that he cares and is ultimately on this journey for them. I couldn't have asked for a better partner to lead a retreat with as he has open communication, is relaxed in times of stress, and gives from his heart. I can't wait to travel with him in 2016! Thank you, Reinier, for all that you do for the yoga retreat community!"

- Emily Kasman, yoga teacher for the 2015 Iceland retreat

"The Iceland retreat I participated in last summer (2015) far exceeded my expectations. From the moment I signed up for the retreat, the organizers (Reinier and Emily) welcomed me with sincere warmth and enthusiasm and responded to my every query in a most knowledgeable and professional fashion.  Emily’s daily Vinyasa yoga instruction, coupled with Reinier’s accompanying tunes, elevated my yoga experience to a blissful level… What a way to begin each exciting day of hiking and sightseeing in magical Iceland!!  The accommodations and tours were meticulously organized and the meals  catered to each traveler’s unique dietary needs.  The group of people was wonderful and I’ve formed some friendships that will likely last a lifetime.  I will not hesitate to book another retreat with these amazing organizers."

- Donna Pfefer, Iceland 2015 Retreat Participant

“It was a true pleasure taking part in a Drishty Journeys retreat in the Fall of 2015. Reinier Voorwinde is not only a wonderful human being but he has the passion and the ability to put together a true relaxing and enriching experience for the body and mind. He pays attention to all the small details so you don’t have to. Whether it is about the destination, the venue, the meals, the activities, the music or the atmosphere, Reinier makes intentional decisions about each aspect of the retreat with the goal of creating an amazing experience for each one of his guests. Going on a trip with Drishti Journeys means great memories for a lifetime."

- Othmane Rahmouni,General Manager, Seattle Yoga News, Walla Walla 2015 Retreat Participant

"Last Fall, I attended Reinier’s Walla Walla Wine and Vinyasa Yoga Retreat.  It was an extraordinary experience.  The retreat was at a beautiful estate, Basil Cellars.  Location and grounds were amazing.  In the morning and afternoon, by the pool and waterfall, Yoga Instructor, Ginger Saunders led the practice.  I love outdoor yoga, especially in this setting.
The food was also outstanding and so very creative.  My favorite meal was prepared by Reinier.  He prepared his famous Paella.  Reinier was so caring and accommodating to make everyone feel very special.  He nurtured an environment of love, fun, elegance but most of all a great kula or community." 

- Lesia Aragon, Walla Walla 2015 Retreat Participant

"I had the most amazing and relaxing time with Reinier and Leah in Moclips, set amongst the backdrop of the stunning WA coast. Reinier graciously hosted us in a beautiful home that boasted stunning views, beach access, and serene surroundings. We were treated to an exquisite culinary experience with daily meals made fresh with hand selected and ingredients. We also experienced daily moving and powerful yoga practice sessions and meditation guided by the powerful Leah. Both of our hosts tended to every detail, and I felt incredibly spoiled during my stay. I would recommend this retreat for anyone looking to enjoy epic dining infused with amazing music and incredible yoga. What a fantastic retreat!"

- Aria Shim, Moclips 2015 Retreat Participant

"The 2015 Walla Walla yoga retreat was the loveliest combination of fun, relaxation and luxury I could have hoped for. Reinier is such a gracious and accommodating host who took wonderful care of us. And DJ Drishti rocks the patio dance party! I'm so happy I got to experience such a deliciously healthy adventure with Reinier, Ginger, chef Ashley and everyone else!"

- Allison Faye Nelson, Walla Walla 2015 Yoga Retreat Guest

"Iceland in all of its natural beauty exceeded my expectations!!!!  The food and people were lovely!!!!  Emily and Reinier prepared and guided a journey of this amazing country in a way that was awe inspiring!!!!  I enjoyed the company of every person on this adventure!!!!  It could not have been a more perfect retreat!!!!"

- Trudi, Iceland 2016 Retreat Guest

"The Iceland Retreat is by far the absolute best way to see and experience Iceland, while nourishing your soul. Emily and Reinier put together an incredible itinerary. We started our day with relaxing yoga guided by Emily, ate amazing, healthy food (you can even boil your own eggs in the boiling water coming from the earth), we visited some of the most spectacular sites I've ever seen... waterfalls, simple and beautiful hikes, rainbows galore, the Blue Lagoon, the majestic Icelandic oceanfront, and more. Don't even consider it, just go. You will love it and you will be very well taken care of."

- Holly, Iceland 2016 Retreat Guest

"A Call Into the Wild [retreat] was inspired by our love for yoga, nature, and taking the time to unplug. We decided to collaborate with Reinier and Drishti Journeys for a number of reasons. Reinier is devoted to his passion for travel, community, and yoga which very much aligned with the core values that are important to Brandon and I when planning any adventure.  

Brandon and I are committed to our personal practice and we teach from our bodies, experiences and wisdom that our teachers have past down to us. We are confident in our authentic offerings and are committed to our path of continual evolution. Hosting a yoga retreat where we could dive into the teachings, self-care, connection, and delicious food was a dream that we desired to turn into a reality. We collaborated with Reinier, who we knew is best in the world at seeking out beautiful spaces that offer unique experiences and facilitating those spaces to hold the highest potential for practice, connection, and nourishment. With his beautiful partner, Panda, assisting him, the experience was seamless from beginning to end. The menu was original, yet accessible to all palettes. It was created with local ingredients, crafted with love, and presented with so much beauty to the eye. The four of us worked along side each other creating a beautiful rhythm for the weekend. We offered the yoga and they took care of the food - and even the sweet beats at night! 

This will be the first of many collaborations with Reinier, Panda, and Drishti Journeys. I can't wait to see what's possible for our future destinations." 

- Kylie and Brandon Sutton, Owners of Modo Yoga Seattle