Misha Kellner-Rogers


Misha bows with reverence to the practice and path of yoga, a path that only reveals to us the truth and asks of us to see, feel and listen more clearly, directly and honestly.  Drawing from various foundations, Misha guides a class steeped in refinement and spaciousness. Movement to purify the body and inner channels, stillness to connect the mind to ground, to presence and deep listening to hear the heart’s song. Misha emphasizes the balance of yin and yang, dark and light, active and receptive; warm and cool, solar and lunar, light and shadow into a practice that is deeply awakening and nourishing to the body and spirit.  Expect to feel into the depths of your body mindfully and thoroughly in order to contact more of your inner intelligence embedded in your tissues and cells.   Misha’s background in bodywork, yin & yang styles of yoga, mediation, and a dedication to her personal practice and teaching and continued studies with the Insight Yoga Institute guide and give her practice form. More info. @ 8 Limbs Yoga Seattle, seedlingbodywork.com and servicetoheart.wordpress.com.