Lola Lisa Wright


A few things you might like to know about me.......I have an amazing daughter, a great desire to travel the globe, and a love of music, laughter, dance, and French Fries.
I believe that movement is at the very core of health, happiness and wellbeing, and yes, some is better than none. I also believe that living a healthy full life means indulging every once in a while. We are here to experience the richness of life. 
My journey to fitness instructor started with dance classes as a child,  then evolved to fitness classes at the gym in my early 20's.  From old school aerobics to yoga, I have loved them all!  Inspired by my instructors, I wondered if I could ever lead a class, but doubt and fear would usually hijack that thought.  Ironically, it wasn't until years later while attending a yoga workshop on manifestation that I decided to take action beyond my fears and become a certified instructor and fitness coach.  My passion had now become my career....
 I spent the first few months teaching Kickboxing and weekend Boot Camp when Barre came into my was love at first relevé! More recently I've evolved my 7 year Yoga practice, adding a 200 hour RYT teacher training certification to the mix.  
I feel truly blessed to be able to offer both Barre and Yoga on my retreats, as they are two amazing and affective ways to get fit and provide balance to life. A dream come true that I am excited to share with you!