Emily Kasman



Emily exudes a grounded and sweet aura everywhere she goes.  She believes that honoring each of our yin & yang, dark & light, inner & outer, and lunar & solar qualities create the balance that we are searching for. Her belief is that yoga has amazing ways of bringing feelings, discomfort, and authenticity to the surface. By acknowledging what rises, students can begin to form their own joy. Every person’s yoga is about something different, however through it, we all seem to be uncovered to our true self and allow ourselves to just be. 

Throughout her teaching, you may hear Emily say the following phrases:

  • Feel your body breathing.
  • What is the conversation your body is trying to have with you?
  • What are you holding onto unnecessarily?
  • This (Insert Pose Name) is great for your digestive system.
  • Close your eyes and just feel the pose.
  • Let the beauty that you love, be what you do.