Chuck Betker

Yoga Instructor

Chuck started practicing hot yoga around 2008 when his wife finally convinced him how wonderful it was; and how could you go wrong with 90 minutes of heat?  After few classes he was hooked. Never being the most flexible person and being athlete most of his life the benefits of regular yoga practice began to really become apparent in his other activates at the time. Fast forward few years after many yoga classes, a few sports injuries and a kid, Chuck’s passion for yoga went to the next level during Yoga festival where he realized he wanted to become a yoga teacher and share his passion with others. Naturally it took another nudge from his wife to get him to commit to a teacher training. In the fall of 2016 Chuck began his 200 hour training and quickly found his passion for teaching.  Chuck was thrown to the wolves, teaching his first class with only 20 minutes notice and thrived!  He immediately became known as the upbeat and energetic teacher with the great music!